Drive Excellence Through People

22nd December 2017

Gee Solutions



Business Excellence is often described as outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values. These practices have evolved into models for how a world class organisation should operate. These models have been developed and continue to evolve through extensive study of the practice and values of the world’s highest performing organisations. Many organisations have developed their own models and use these as frameworks to assess and recognise their performance. Excellence in business will benefit a company on a number of levels. Employees will be happy to work for an organisation that strives to be the best and secondly, customers will be attracted to an organisation that is providing a service over and above that of their competitors.

Business Excellence is a never ending journey. This is because there is always an unrealised opportunity. It is therefore a state of mind…and the question is, are you ready to get to that state of mind?

Global Excellence Enabler Solution (GEE Solution) is a brain child of a black South African Woman who realised the importance of going against the grain. Her understanding of the importance of enabling organisations in a sustainable way to drive business excellence is what sets GEE solutions apart from other business excellence organisations. This understanding was gained through hands-on experience from as an operator to management positions.

Organisational Excellence to us does not only mean integrated approach to outstanding practices in managing organisations and achieving results, its is also about the 100% engagement of the organisation in the application, consistency and improvement of a business in relation to quality management, business management and process management through various tools and principles. Our solutions are applicable to all businesses whether private or public, profit or non-profit and small or large organisations because they are focused on people.

We have a clear long-term strategy which is based on our purpose, vision, mission and values. It is the foundation which helps us successfully to shape the future of our company. This then transforms organisations (our clients) in to be excellent by empowering them with sustainable lasting solutions.

By 2020 and beyond, we intend to be amongst the best providers of organisational excellence. Our solutions will ensure transformational profitable growth, agility, innovation, customer or consumer focused by bringing simplicity to organisational excellence through people engagement of our clients.

“Creating a sustainable value” is our main purpose of existence at GEE Solutions. We ensure our clients get the maximum value in our solutions. Our corporate culture, our purpose, vision, mission and values integrate our diverse workforce and provides clear framework and guidance to our clients.

Our experience has found that the sequence of implementation maximises the return on investment (RIO). It is a step-wise approach that reduces or eliminates the possibility of false starts and poorly focused efforts to ensure highly productive lasting excellence. It supports organisation to ensure employees understand their value thus touching the key enablers of excellence. This is done through principles engraved in our trainings that invigorate internal motivation of employees to bring success in the organisation.