Employable professional is a new programme specifically designed for students or graduates from any institution to acquire the requisite skills and attributes to help them integrate into the world of work more easily. This is to bridge the dreaded gap between university and the working world which has led to organisation believing graduates are unemployable. Moving from the world of education to the world of work with essential and/or specialised skills that will improve their employability (or self-employment) prospects. The programme consists of a 2-weeks course programme that is offered after completion of studies to give graduates that competitive edge.


Competitive Productivity Skills : LEAN mind-set to stay competitive that drive individual autonomy in the workplace e.g. Basic Problem Solving


Personal Leadership Skills :Enable an individual to taking responsibility for all aspects of their life. e,g. Emotional Intelligence


Workplace Skills: Provide you with more general aspects that can be applied regardless of your job. e.g Basic Conditions of employment


Placement Preparation Skills : Focuses on the skills you need to secure an interview e.g. CV preparation



“No man was wise by chance ” by Lucius Annaeus Seneca    and “Experience is the teacher of all things” by Julius Ceaser

Higher education system is too focused on academic skills and is failing to address the core problem, that of bridging young people transition to the world of work through soft skills and industry required skills that make them hit the ground running. Want to be part of the program email us your CV at or